The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Technologies

October 15-17, 2021 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China


The ICAIT conference will be held every year to make it an ideal platform for people to share views and experiences in Intelligent Technologies and related areas. Scholars at home and abroad are welcomed to submit articles and participate in the conference.

The conference series ICAIT basically covers all the topics related to Advanced Intelligent Technologies, especially ICAIT2021 focuses on the topics related to its subtitle Intelligent Technologies and Industry, which are indicated by * among the following ICAIT series topics.

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

All kinds of AI Technologies Theory and Application
Anto-colony Optimization
Artificial Life
Automated Planning
Automated Reasoning
Automated Manufacturing
Automatic Car Driving
Autonomous Robot
Bat Algorithm
Baysian Networks
Bee-colony Optimization
Bio-inspired Systems
Business Process Modelling
Cloud Computing
Communication Network Systems
Communication Networks
Combinational Search
Complex Systems
Computational Intelligence
Data Analysis
Data Mining
Data Processing Systems
Data Science
Deep Learning
Distributed Systems
Embedded Systems
Emotion Recognition
Energy Technologies
Enterprize Network Management
Expert Systems
Evolutionary Computing
Factory Automation
Farm Management
Forcasting Systems
Fuzzy Computing
Fuzzy Controller
Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Set
Fuzzy Systems
Genetic Algorithm
Hardware Design
Hardware Emulation
High Performance Computing
Hybrid Intelligent Systems
Image Processing
Information Security
Information and Communication Technologies
Intelligent Agent Technologies
Intelligent Buildings
Intelligent Control Systems
Intelligent Decision Technologies
  Intelligent Information Systems
Intelligent Monitoring Systems
Intelligent Network Routing
Intelligent Numerical Control
Intelligent Ontology Techniques
Intelligent Process Control
Intelligent Production Systems
Intelligent Safety Verification
Intelligent Teaching Systems
Intelligent Technologies applied to Agriculture
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Internet of Things(IoT)
Internet Security
Knowledge Representation
Logical Reasonings
(Classical/Non-classical) Logics
Logic Programming
Machine Learning
Management Information Systems
Mathematical Foundation of Intelligence
Meta Heuristics
Mobile Computing
Multi-Agent Systems
Natural Language Generation
Natural Language Processing
Neural Networks
Neuro Computing
Optimization Techniques
Particle Swarm Optimization
Pattern Recognition
Plant Factory
Process Control Systems
Quantum Computing
Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems
Recommender Systems
Risk Management Systems
Smart Agriculture
Security Management
Sensor Networks
Space Recognition
Speech Recognition
Signal Processing
Software Design
Software Simulation
Stochastic Computing
Swarm Intelligence
Virtual Reality

Important Due Dates

  Conference  Date:

  October 15-17,2021

  Submission Due:

  May 24,2021

  Notification of Acceptance:

  June 29,2021

Contact us

  Conference Secretary: Dr. Zhang

  Submission Email:


  M/P: +86-181-0867-1075

  QQ: 1635378207



Key Review Policy

1. At least 3 independent reviewers review the manuscript.

2. The repetition rate can not exceed 20%.

3. All submissions must be original, unpublished, and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

4. We take plagiarism case very seriously, which include self-plagiarism of authors' own published papers. 



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