The 2nd International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Technologies

October 15-17, 2021 in Xi'an, Shaanxi, China

Organizing Committee

Honorary Chair:


Prof. Lakhmi C. Jain

University of Canberra,  Australia

Lakhmi C. Jain, BE(Hons), ME, PhD, Fellow (Engineers Australia), served as a Visiting Professor in Bournemouth University, United Kingdom until July 2018 and presently serving the University of Canberra, Australia and University of Technology Sydney, Australia.
Dr Jain founded the KES International for providing a professional community the opportunities for publications, knowledge exchange, cooperation and teaming. Involving around 5,000 researchers drawn from universities and companies world-wide, KES facilitates international cooperation and generate synergy in teaching and research. KES regularly provides networking opportunities for professional community through one of the largest conferences of its kind in the area of KES 
His interests focus on the artificial intelligence paradigms and their applications in complex systems, security, e-education, e-healthcare, unmanned air vehicles and intelligent systems design.

General Chairs:

Prof. Kazumi Nakamatsu

University of Hyogo,Japan

Kazumi Nakamatsu received the Ms. Eng. and Dr. Sci. from Shizuoka University and Kyushu University, Japan, respectively. He is a full Professor at School of Human Science and Environment, University of Hyogo, Japan. His research interests encompass various kinds of logic and their applications to Computer Science, especially paraconsistent annotated logic programs and their applications. He has developed some paraconsistent annotated logic programs called ALPSN(Annotated Logic Program with Strong Negation), VALPSN(Vector ALPSN), EVALPSN(Extended VALPSN) and bf-EVALPSN (before-after EVALPSN) recently, and applied them to various intelligent systems such as a safety verification based railway interlocking control system and process order control. He is an author of over 150 papers and 20 book chapters, and 10 edited books published by prominent publishers. Kazumi Nakamatsu has chaired various international conferences, workshops and invited sessions, and he has been a member of numerous international program committees of workshops and conferences in the area of Computer Science. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems(IJRIS) by Inderscience Publisher(UK) and an editorial board member of many international journals. He has contributed numerous invited lectures at international workshops, conferences, and academic organizations. He also is a recipient of some conference and paper awards. He is a member of ACM, etc.

Assoc.Prof. Ari Aharari

Sojo University, Japan

Funder and Board member of FusionTech Inc., Japan

He received M.E. and PhD in Industrial Science and Technology Engineering and Robotics from Niigata University and Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan in 2004 and 2007, respectively. In 2004, he joined GMD-JAPAN as a Research Assistant. He was Research Scientist and Coordinator at FAIS- Robotics Development Support Office from 2004 to 2007. He was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) at Waseda University, Japan from 2007 to 2008. He served as a Senior Researcher of Fukuoka IST involved in the Japan Cluster Project from 2008 to 2010. In 2010, he became an Assistant Professor at the faculty of Informatics of Nagasaki Institute of Applied Science. Since 2012, he has been Associate Professor at the department of Computer and Information Science, Sojo University, Japan. His research interests are IoT, Robotics, IT Agriculture, Image Processing and Data Analysis (Big Data) and their applications. He is a member of IEEE (Robotics and Automation Society), RSJ (Robotics Society of Japan), IEICE (Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers), IIEEJ (Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan).

Conference Chair:

Prof. Jair Minoro Abe

Paulista University,Brazil

Jair Minoro Abe received B.A. and MSc in Pure Mathematics - University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Also received the Doctor degree and Livre-Docente title from the same University. He is currently coordinator of Logic Area of Institute of Advanced Studies - University of Sao Paulo Brazil and Full Professor at Paulista University - Brazil. His research interest topics include Paraconsistent Annotated Logics and AI, ANN in Biomedicine and Automation, among others. He is Senior Member of IEEE.
Professor Abe is a studious of a family of Paraconsistent Annotated Logic which is used to solve many complex problems in engineering. He has authored/edited books on Paraconsistent and related logic published by Springer Germany and other reputed publishers.
He is the recipient of many awards including medals for his academic performance and also received many best papers awards. Professor Abe was the Editor-in-Chief of Publicações da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática de 1990 - 1994. Presently, Professor Abe serves as Associate Editor and member of the Editorial Board of some journals related to the intelligent systems and applications.
Professor Abe has supervised a number of PhD candidates successfully and presented a number of keynote addresses.
He has authored/co-authored around 300+ publications including books, research papers, research reports, etc.
Professor Abe’s research interests include System design using conventional and Artificial Intelligence techniques, Paraconsistent Annotated Logic, Human factors in Aviation, Intelligent Decision Making, Teaching &Learning practices, and Cognitive Studies.

Prof.Andrey Tyugashev

Samara State Technical University, Russia

Andrey Tyugashev, Doctor of Science. He is a member of IEEE. He received a PhD in Computer Science (CASE technologies) from the Samara State Aerospace University, Russia, in 1997 and titled as a habilitated professor since 2008 after receiving the Doctor of Science Degree. In 2014-2020 he headed Intelligent Information Systems and Applied Mathematics & Computer Science Department of the Samara State Transport University. He is Associate Editor of KES Scientific Journal. Many times winner of Samara National Research University and Samara Region Grants for the best young post-doctoral researches. Winner (under the leadership of A.A. Kalentyev) of the Samara Region Scientific Grant. Winner of President of Russian Federation’s Grant for young Doctors of Sciences Author of ‘Programming Languages’ handbook published by central Russian Piter Publishing and other books devoted to Artificial Intelligence, Computer-Aided Lifecycle Support in Aerospace Industry, Visual Programming, etc. Awarded the sign of the Governor of the Samara region "for achievements in higher education and research" (2019). Awarded by a diploma from European council of International Society of electronic devices manufacturers.
Official Member of Scientific and Technical Expert Registry of Russian Federation, areas of expertise include software engineering, programming languages, software verification, real-time control systems, etc). Andrey Tyugashev leads research projects in Aerospace Industry since 1991.Member of Roskosmos’s Spacecraft Software Standardization Working Group.
Dr. Tyugashev published about 180 scientific works. He was invited plenary speaker at some international conferences (ICAIT’2019, TMPA’2014, SCM’2018, etc.). He has served as a member of Program Committees for several international conferences (SYRCoSE-17,18,19, IDC’2019, etc.). Dr. Tyugashev helps as a Reviewer for Horizon Publishing journals and for Elseiver. 

Program Chair:

Prof. Dr.Roumen Kountchev

Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria

Roumen Kountchev, Ph.D., D. Sc. is a professor at the Faculty of Telecommunications, Department of Radio Communications and Video Technologies at the Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria.
His scientific areas of interest are: digital signal and image processing, image compression, multimedia watermarking, video communications, pattern recognition and neural networks. Prof. Kountchev has 341 papers published in magazines and conference proceedings (71 international); 15 books; 46 book chapters; 20 patents (3 international). He had been principle investigator of 38 research projects (6 international).
At present he is a member of Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences (EMAAS) and President of Bulgarian Association for Pattern Recognition (member of Intern. Association for Pattern Recognition). Editorial board member of: Intern. Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems; Intern. Journal Broad Research in Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience; KES Focus Group on Intelligent Decision Technologies; Egyptian Computer Science Journal; Intern. Journal of Bio-Medical Informatics and e-Health, and Intern. Journal Intelligent Decision Technologies. He has been a plenary speaker at: WSEAS Intern. Conf. on Signal Processing 2009, Istanbul; WSEAS Intern. Conf. on Signal Processing, Robotics and Automation, University of Cambridge 2010, UK; WSEAS Intern. Conf. on Signal Processing, Computational Geometry and Artificial Vision 2012, Istanbul, Turkey; Intern. Workshop on Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics and e-Health 2013, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt; Workshop SCCIBOV 2015, Djillali Liabès University, Sidi Bel Abbès, Algérie; Intern. Conf. on Information Technology 2015 and 2017, Al Zayatoonah University, Amman, Jordan; WSEAS European Conf. of Computer Science 2016, Rome, Italy.

International Advisory Chair:

Prof. Dr.Srikanta Patnaik

SOA University, India

Dr. Srikanta Patnaik is a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SOA University, Bhubaneswar, India. He has received his Ph. D. (Engineering) on Computational Intelligence from Jadavpur University, India in 1999 and supervised 12 Ph. D. theses and more than 30 M. Tech theses in the area of Machine Intelligence, Soft Computing Applications and Re-Engineering. Dr. Patnaik has published more than 60 research papers in international journals and conference proceedings. He is author of 2 text books and edited 12 books and few invited book chapters, published by leading international publisher like Springer-Verlag, Kluwer Academic, etc.. Dr. Patnaik was the Principal Investigator of TAPTEC project “Building Cognition for Intelligent Robot” sponsored by All India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and Major Research Project “Machine Learning and Perception using Cognition Methods” sponsored by University Grant Commission. He is the Editors-in-Chief of International Journal of Information and Communication Technology and International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics published from Inderscience Publishing House,England and also Editors-in-chief of Book Series on “Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technology” published from Springer, Germany.


Organizing Chair:

Silai Zhou

Founder of IRNet China


International Program Committee 

Prof.Dr.Srikanta Patnaik,SOA University,India
Prof.Dr.Roumen Kountchev,Technical University of Sofia,Bulgaria
Prof.Dr.Jair M. Abe,Paulista University,Brazil
Dr.Ari Aharari,SOJO University,Japan
Dr.Nashwa El-Bendary,Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport,Egypt
Prof.Dr.Aboul Ela Hassanian,Cairo University,Egypt
Prof.Dr.Tulay Yildirim,Yildiz Technical University,Turkey
Prof.Dr.Altas Ismail,Karadeniz Technical University,Turkey
Prof.Dr.Valentina E. Balas,Aurel Vlaicu University of Arad,Romania
Prof.Dr.Margarita Favorskaya,Reshetnev Siberian State University of Science and Technology,Russia
Prof.Dr.Andrei Tyugashev,Samara State Transport University,Russia
Prof.Dr.Ajith Abraham,Machine Intelligence Research Labs,USA
Prof.Dr.Vincenzo Piuri,University of Milan,Italy
Prof.Dr.Morgado Dias,University of Madeira,Portugal
Prof.Dr.Nicolae Paraschiv,Petroleum - Gas University of Ploiesti,Romania
Prof.Dr.Sachio Hirokawa,Kyushu University,Japan
Prof.Dr.Siddhartha Bhattacharyya,RCC Inst. Information Technology,India
Prof.Dr.Ladjel Bellatreche,LIAS/ISAE - ENSMA,France
Prof.Dr.Juan D.Velasquez Silva,University of Chile,Chile
Prof.Dr.Hossam A. Gaber,University of Ontario Institute of Technology,Canada
Prof.Dr.Ngoc Thanh Nguyen,Wroclaw University of Technology,Poland
Prof.Dr.Mario Divan,National University of La Panpa,Argentina
Prof.Dr.Petia Koprinkova,Bulgarian Academy of Science,Bulgaria
Prof.Dr.Jawad K. Ali,University of Technology,Iraq
Prof.Dr.Sufyan T. Faraj Al-Janabi,University of Arbar,Iraq
Prof.Dr.Hercules A. Prado,Catholic University of Brazilia,Brazil
Prof.Dr.Lorna Uden,Staffordshine University,UK
Prof.Dr.Sunil Kumar Khatri,Amity University, Noida,India
Dr.Mabrouk Omrani,National University College,Florida,USA
Prof.Dr.Ding Li Ya,Meiji University,Japan
Dr.WonSeok Yang,Shibaura Institute of Technology,Japan
Dr.Marius Olteanu,Gas-Petro University,Romania
Prof.Dr.Veska Georgieva,Technial University of Sofia,Bulgaria
Dr.Rouminia Kountchev,TK Engineering,Bulgaria
Dr.Toshifumi Kimura,University of Hyogo,Japan
Dr.Aslina Baharum,Univ. Malaysia, Sabah,Malaysia
Prof.Dr.Ivo Draganov,Technical University of Sofia,Bulgaria
Prof.Dr.Kalin Dimitrov,Technical University of Sofia,Bulgaria
Dr.Zhenfeng Xu,Hefei University,China
Dr.JinYi Wang,Tianjin Agricultural University,China
Dr.Tengyue Mao,Central South University for Nationalities,China
Dr.Zhijun Wang,Shandong Agricultural University,China
Dr.Xingbao Liu,Hunan University of Technology and Business,China

Important Due Dates

  Conference  Date:

  October 15-17,2021

  Submission Due:

  October 8,2021

  Notification of Acceptance:

  October 15,2021

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2. The repetition rate can not exceed 20%.

3. All submissions must be original, unpublished, and not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

4. We take plagiarism case very seriously, which include self-plagiarism of authors' own published papers.